A Riverside Oasis

Cabins | Exterior + Interior
Boardman, Oregon


Located on the banks of the stunning Columbia River near Boardman, Oregon, the River Lodge Hotel underwent a significant expansion and rejuvenation. The project’s primary objective was to enhance the existing site, with the addition of 10 new rooms thoughtfully situated along the river’s edge. Additionally, a cluster of 18 new cabins was introduced within the adjacent woodlands to the west. This transformation breathes new life into a complex of structures from the 1980s, infusing it with a fresh and contemporary Northwest aesthetic.

Both the expanded hotel and the newly incorporated cabins celebrate the natural beauty of their surroundings. The expansion prioritizes breathtaking river views and immerses guests in a true Pacific Northwest experience. It integrates native design elements, utilizing Pendleton fabrics and open beam ceilings to craft an authentic and inviting atmosphere.

The cabin site plan has been carefully crafted to harmonize with the wooded landscape. These cabins are categorized into various types, each designed with distinct sizes and configurations, thoughtfully adapting to their unique locations and solar orientations. Environmental considerations and the use of sustainable materials underscore the commitment to preserving and strengthening the connection to the pristine natural surroundings. The River Lodge Hotel and Cabins offer a harmonious blend of modernity and eco-conscious design, creating an inviting riverside oasis where guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.