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Art Glass Panel

Artful Architectural Glass

Custom Rugs – COMING SOON

At Myodo, we are passionately working on designing a captivating series of “concept rugs” inspired by Satellite photo Technology. These rugs boast iconic and breathtaking designs, contributing significantly to the storytelling aspects of our creative process. A prime example of their impact can be seen in our 5th Avenue project in NY.

Custom Chandeliers – COMING SOON

For over 12 years, Myodo has collaborated with master glass artist Ian Gilula, and now we are excited to introduce a line of custom glass chandeliers and pendants. Our focus lies in creating artful conceptual lighting that seamlessly combines beauty and functionality. These designs serve as iconic elements within the overall project, adding moments of grandeur to the spaces we enhance.

Custom Furniture – COMING SOON

With 20 years of furniture design experience, Jeff Lamb of Myodo crafts unique and bespoke furniture for every project. Currently, we are dedicated to developing a line of commercial and residential furniture that embodies beauty, style, and comfort. These furniture pieces serve as the final touch, elevating each project to a new level of completeness and sophistication.