Team Collaborators: Jeff Lamb, Michael Etzel, Alan Chu, Choiyee Wong, Jordan Hill, Ian Gilula. (@Vessel Creative Studio Space)

About Us

Jeff Lamb brings an extensive 38-year background in project design, boasting a remarkable portfolio of award-winning residential and commercial projects across the Pacific Northwest, California, St. Louis, Kauai, and most recently New York. His expertise extends to large-scale complex projects in China and Dubai, including notable competition-winning endeavors in Xian and Jinan.

Collaborating since 2012, Choi Yee Wong and Jeff have successfully delivered over 20 design projects, encompassing hotels, mixed-use residential and commercial complexes, and most notably, a Corporate Headquarters on New York City’s renowned 5th Avenue. Their design approach revolves around establishing a strong vision with clients, followed by assembling a team of skilled professionals to execute the concept and craftsmanship at an elevated level. This comprehensive approach, known as the “Totality of Design,” is evident in their work, which encompasses custom interior design, lighting design, furniture, rug design, and their extensive product lines and collaborative partnerships. Their visionary work revolves around storytelling, creating unique and timeless project brands with a soul.

At Myodo, leveraging current technologies plays a vital role in their design process, allowing seamless communication with clients, consultants, and contractors. Jordan Hill serves as Myodo’s 3D and VR designer, providing an accurate visualization of the design at any given moment. These advanced design tools facilitate better comprehension and drive intelligent progress for their projects.

The Myodo team places a strong emphasis on excellence through effective communication and follow-through, resulting in distinctive, relevant, and soulful projects. Co-founder and President Alan Chu has been instrumental in managing overseas product coordination for many years, particularly in the successful execution of Myodo’s glass projects, including the large-scale installations at the New York 5th Avenue Corporate Headquarters project.

Key collaborators who have made significant contributions to Myodo’s projects include:

Michael Etzel: A registered architect with over 35 years of award-winning project experience in Oregon, New York, and California. Michael has provided valuable consultation and collaboration on various Myodo projects, including the 5th Avenue Corporate Headquarters in New York.

Ian Gilula: A world-class glass artist based in Portland, Oregon, and the owner of Elements Glass company. Ian has been working closely with Jeff Lamb and the Myodo Team since 2011, contributing to over 15 projects ranging from private residences to hospitality. His exceptional glass installations, including five stunning modern chandeliers at the 5th Avenue project in New York, play a crucial role in realizing the full potential of Myodo’s projects.