The Reno Desert Oasis

Exterior + Interior Design


Located on a sprawling 10-acre plot on the rural outskirts of Downtown Reno, Nevada, the 6,500-square-foot DC Residence boasts a captivating panorama of rolling hills and a distant mountain range. This desert oasis is thoughtfully designed, featuring a 1,200-square-foot guesthouse, an inviting swimming pool, and an array of water features set amidst carefully curated desert-themed gardens.

The main house, adorned with a spectacular collection of internationally renowned Americana Art, is a visual delight. Showcased in gallery style with expansive display walls and elegant pedestals, the art creates a captivating narrative within the living spaces. The exterior seamlessly blends natural elements, using plaster, sand, and desert rock alongside metal cantilevered roofs supported by sturdy steel structures, forming a distinctive “shade and shadow” + “Sand and Rock” aesthetic.

The Main House

Outside, the low-maintenance landscapes incorporate the beauty of desert flowers, cactus, crushed rock, and locally sourced stones and plant species. The result is a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, evoking the essence of the severe desert environment.

The Court Yard

The Pool

The Interior

House as Gallery

Inside, the design palette is a sophisticated blend of whites, creams, and golds, providing a serene backdrop for the showcased art, vibrant rugs, and carefully selected furniture pieces. The ceilings serve as spatial defining elements, adorned with art lighting that not only illuminates the space but also highlights patterned textured surfaces, creating distinctive zones throughout the house.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the DC Residence serves as a tranquil family retreat, offering respite from urban life and the bustling nightlife of downtown Reno. Embracing the landscape and drawing inspiration from the stark beauty of the desert, this rural oasis provides a haven where the family can unwind and connect with nature amid the contrasting elements of the arid days and cool nights.

The Great Room

The Kitchen + Dining

The Office

The Master