Park Place 102

Two Story Townhouse Condominium
Pearl District, Portland 

A Premier 3-Story Townhouse Redefining Luxury Living

Discover the epitome of refined living with Unit 102 at Park Place – an exquisite 1,800-square-foot townhouse condominium that seamlessly merges contemporary design with opulent comfort. This exceptional project sets new standards in luxury, boasting an array of meticulously curated features that harmonize convenience, style, and sophistication.

Impeccably renovated to perfection, this exclusive residence introduces an array of enhancements that elevate its allure. Notably, a newly added 180 square-foot 3rd-floor mezzanine creates an elevated living space, while the 600 square-foot ground floor unveils a captivating theatre room, designed to offer the ultimate cinematic experience. A complete guest quarter suite further extends hospitality and convenience for visitors, ensuring a memorable stay.

The living spaces are adorned with tasteful opulence. Two distinct living rooms become the focal points, each adorned with breathtaking features. The first living room presents an Onyx backlit fireplace that exudes warmth and elegance, providing an inviting ambiance for gatherings. Complementing this, a world-class custom chandelier graces the second living room, exuding timeless grandeur and illuminating the space with a captivating allure.

The interiors are enriched with the graceful presence of white Ash and walnut detailing, adding a touch of natural allure and sophisticated charm. These premium materials blend seamlessly, creating a cohesive aesthetic that underscores the unit’s overall splendor.

Anticipate the completion of this remarkable project in late 2023, marking the dawn of a new era in luxurious living. With underground parking offering utmost convenience and a captivating roof deck providing an oasis for relaxation, Unit 102 at Park Place redefines modern living in every aspect.