Park Place 101

Two-Story Townhouse
Pearl District, Portland


An exceptional two-story, 2,600 square-foot custom-designed townhouse that stands as a testament to modern elegance and thoughtful design. Nestled in the heart of the Pearl District in NW Portland, this residence offers a unique vantage point overlooking the serene Tanner Creek Park. A masterpiece of contemporary Northwest architecture, this home harmoniously blends form and function, creating an unrivaled living experience.

At the heart of the design lies the seamless fusion of spaces. A generous 20-foot kitchen bar serves as a central nexus, artfully connecting the kitchen, living room, and dining area. This design choice not only fosters an open and flowing layout but also encourages togetherness, making every culinary endeavor a communal event and every gathering an effortless pleasure.

The grandeur extends to the master suite, where the emphasis on luxurious living is unmistakable. Enter through a striking ten-foot by five-foot full-height pivot door – a dramatic introduction to a haven of comfort and sophistication. The master bathroom, an embodiment of modern indulgence, boasts translucent glass walls that exude an ethereal ambiance, creating an oasis of tranquility. Additionally, sliding Japanese panels provide a graceful solution for personalized privacy, adding an artistic touch to the functionality of the space.

The crowning jewel of this remarkable residence is the expansive rooftop deck, affording panoramic vistas of the picturesque Tanner Creek Park. Here, residents can bask in the beauty of nature while enjoying the urban rhythm of the Pearl District – a retreat and an escape seamlessly combined.

Unit 101 stands as a prime exemplar of modern Northwest design, where innovation, aesthetics, and comfort converge. With its distinctive features and thoughtfully curated spaces, it offers a lifestyle that embraces both the serenity of its natural surroundings and the vibrancy of urban living.