Frankel Sport Pavilion

Exterior + Interior
Portland, Oregon 

The Frankel Sports Pavilion, spanning 475 square feet, is an essential part of a larger compound, nestled harmoniously within a lush landscape adorned with a primary house, expansive gardens, and vast outdoor entertainment areas. It serves not only as an emblem of architectural excellence but also as a sanctuary devoted to nurturing both body and soul.

Compact in its design yet overflowing with possibilities, this house redefines the concept of a fitness and wellness retreat. The floor plan has been carefully crafted to offer a dedicated space for exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Furthermore, this architectural gem extends its warmth to include cozy guest quarters, a revitalizing sauna, and a tranquil Spa Therapy pool. These amenities have been seamlessly integrated into the pavilion. This house is designed to provide a soulful retreat experience for its owners, their family, and friends.