Columbia River Floating Home

Portland, Oregon


Nestled along the picturesque Columbia River, this innovative 1,950-square-foot Floating Home is a testament to the harmonious blend of design, nature, and functionality. The heart of this exceptional home revolves around a striking bent metal wall that stretches proudly along the shore-facing side, gracefully offering both privacy and a captivating connection to the river beyond.

This sail-shaped wall serves as a mesmerizing focal point, adorned with thoughtfully placed balconies and windows that frame the landscape like living, breathing artwork. It’s a poetic dance of architecture and nature, inviting the ever-changing river views to be a part of daily life.

On the ground level, you’ll discover two serene bedrooms, designed to provide a peaceful retreat for restful nights. This strategic placement allows the second floor and rooftop to be dedicated entirely to living and entertainment, where residents and guests alike can indulge in the pleasure of riverside living.

The design truly shines in its seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Vast glass folding windows and doors elegantly blur the boundaries between the master suite, living room, and the water’s edge. These architectural marvels are complemented by expansive inside/outside decks that invite the gentle river breezes, creating an enchanting atmosphere for relaxation and celebration alike.

This Floating Home is designed to embodies the essence of modern waterfront living, where tranquility and luxury converge in perfect harmony, providing residents with a unique and ever-inspiring connection to the majestic Columbia River.